Solar Garden Lighting

Solar power has become ever more popular as an economic way to provide additional ambient lighting in garden areas.

Solar lighting needs far less installation than traditional mains lighting. Solar powered lighting is ideal for inaccessible and remote locations that don’t have a convenient mains supply.

Solar technology has developed rapidly during the past few years.

Light levels have been improved through the use of LED bulbs, whilst they also effectively reduce power consumption requirements. To perform efficiently, solar light used to need hours of direct sunlight. Harvesting the suns energy has improved greatly. The efficiency of solar power is expected to continue to improve in the coming years.

Solar lighting comes in several different styles. Lantern style lighting. Post mounted and hanging lanterns. Many different fairy light designs. Decking lights, designed to be mounted in recesses within the deck itself. Security PIR lighting and solar spot lights.

PIR Motion Sensor Security Spotlights

Additionally you have a choice of solar lighting with integrated solar panels, or external wired panels which allow you to position the panel in the best position to harvest maximum natural light. The location of your lighting will determine which style is best for your circumstances.

Lights with solar panels built into them tend to be smaller because of the space limitations, which can sometimes cause issues because they then require more light for longer in order to function well.

In less sunny locations, lights with external panels will allow you to position the solar panel in direct sunlight. Factory fitted rechargeable batteries should be replaced with high performance, quality batteries as their will allow your lights to function better. Your solar lights will work better and for longer with high quality batteries fitted.

Optimized Solar Performance

Solar lights are hugely affected by their location. Your solar lights should ideally be positioned so that they can receive direct sunlight during daylight hours. If your lights spend too much time in the shade then their performance will be reduced.

Try to avoid positioning your solar lights where they will have shadows cast over them as that will reduce their performance. Product performance will improve as solar panel and battery technologies improve further. The growth in annual sales of solar powered products is set to continue rising in the future.

Free solar energy saves money, our natural resources and so is good for the planet, as well as reducing energy bills.

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