Treasure Hunt iSpy

Internet and mobile games are becoming more and more popular. The gaming industry has grown year on year partly due to the rise in popularity of smartphones.

It can be expensive to play some games, making it difficult for many youngsters and children to afford the cost. Many games do have free options, though usually they have limited features.

Many old games have been recreated so you can play them on smartphones, chess, backgammon, draughts, patience, and now I Spy.

With online iSpy you can create your own collections of items so the only limit is your imagination.

All you need is a camera or smartphone to play. Once you have chosen or created a ‘mission’ (collection of items to find) you just take a photo of each item and upload them via either the iPhone or Android app, or straight from your camera onto a PC. The scoreboard will record you and your friends progress.

This game is perfect for scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, holidays, bored children, schools, days out, treasure hunt events, parties, stag and hen do activities and much more.

Watch the ‘Getting Started’ Video here;

You can easily create your own bespoke missions to play against your friends, or compete against the world playing one of the pre written ‘Public’ Missions.

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Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts will keep children amused for hours and and are easy to set up. Just pick 10 items that need to be found and add them into a new mission.

A treasure hunt is a list of ten items that have to be found. Set different points for easier or harder items.

You win points depending on the amount of items you find in each mission. Points convert into coins so you can buy more missions.

Hundreds of public missions are ready to play, or customise your own mission just how you want it.

Start playing today and join the Viespy revolution.

Viespy is growing quickly with thousands of new users every week. Join them, download the App and sign up today.

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